Your top 10 questions about migrating from Lightroom

1. What is the main difference between Lightroom and Capture One?

Both Lightroom and Capture One are RAW editors – photo editing software that allow you to process, sort and edit RAW camera files then export them as JPEGS.

Capture One simply has more photo editing and organizing possibilities – it’s designed with feedback from photographers and used by professionals and studios worldwide.

For a more thorough comparison, check out this step-by-step guide

2. How do you migrate a Catalog from Lightroom to Capture One?

We’ve made that process as easy as possible. Visit Files > Import Catalog and choose Lightroom Catalog. It’s important that you do this step before exporting your Collection in Lightroom as a Catalog.

Watch this quick video to guide you through the migration process

3. Is it easy to switch from Lightroom to Capture One?

You’ll be a master in no time with some quick tutorials and webinars.

We have tons of free resources to guide you through the transition – just click on the “Switching from Lightroom” menu in our Learning Hub at

Capture One offers a fully customizable workspace that lets you arrange tools any way you want. You can easily design your Capture One interface to look just like your Lightroom one to feel at home.

For a Lightroom-style workspace go to: Window > Workspace > Migration.

4. Do I get spot removal in Capture One?

The Spot Removal tool in Capture One gives you several different options. In Dust mode it’s ideal for removing dust from skies or other plain backgrounds.

With the Capture One Remove Spot tool in Spot mode, you can use the Adjustments Brush in Clone and Heal modes in order to remove bigger and more complicated spots.

Read our complete guide to using the Spot Removal Tool

5. What is the difference between Catalogs and Sessions?

Catalogs and Sessions give you different ways of organizing your images, based on projects or themes. Here’s a quick summary:
Sessions – A workflow based on folders. Ideal for quickly editing a few images or organizing individual projects within a folder structure. Users can browse any folder on their computer without importing the images.
Catalog – Like in Lightroom, it’s a database-driven workflow. Ideal for organizing bigger projects and long-term organizing. Users can edit ‘offline files’ (smart previews).

Check out this webinar to discover whether Catalogs or Sessions suit your workflow best

6. What are Styles?

What you know as Presets in Lightroom are called Styles in Capture One – instant looks that transform image elements like brightness and contrast.

Styles are available in Style Packs. Each pack includes several different Styles inspired by a theme or specific aesthetic.

Many of our Style Packs are developed in collaboration with leading photographers, so it’s easy to recreate their professional looks in a single click.

All Capture One versions come with three built-in Style Packs, completely free.

See our short guide on using Styles

7. What are Process Recipes in Capture One?

Unlike Lightroom, you can export images designed for Instagram and print all at once, saving you tons of time. Process Recipes in Capture One allow you to export images in multiple sizes and formats – at the same time.

Watch this short guide to using Process Recipes

8. Why are Capture One’s color tools special?

The Color Balance Tool is a powerful, easy-to-use tool that lets you create your exact color grading.

The Master Wheel lets you edit all aspects of your image at once, or localize your editing according to Shadows, Midtones and Highlights.

Check out this tutorial on the Color Balance Tool

9. How do I edit skin tones in Capture One?

For more advanced color editing, the Color Editor allows you to separate your colors with the Color Picker Tool, take full control of a black / white conversion or allow or you can specifically edit the skin colors. You can then adjust the Smoothness, Amount and Uniformity of your selected skin tone.

Use this guide for achieving perfect skin tones

10. Which Capture One is right for me?

Capture One comes in different software packages, depending your camera:

Capture One Pro is the complete photo editing software solution – no matter your camera brand, or if you shoot with multiple camera brands.

Capture One (for Sony) is for Sony users. You save on the full-feature set in Capture One Pro with a software version exclusive to Sony files.

Capture One Fujifilm is for Fujifilm users. You save on the full-feature set in Capture One Pro with a software version exclusive to Fujifilm files.

Capture One Express is for Sony and Fujifilm users. It’s a free photo editing software with basic editing tools and auto adjustments, to get you started.

Read all about the differences in Capture One versions

November 7 2019

By Jakob Boie Sørensen

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  • Jakob Boie Sørensen
    Jakob Boie Sørensen

    Jakob works as a Photographer and Marketing Consultant in Software Marketing of Phase One. A lot of experience with wedding photography and being a freelance photographer have provided Jakob with a broad understanding of the many photographical advantages of Capture One Pro.

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    Comments (5)

    Tomas Vrtal

    I have eleven one: how much images can Capture One hold in library? Thanks for reply. Tomas

    hans albrecht

    Ich nutze Lightroom.
    Die 10 Argumente überzeugen mich nicht, von Lightroom zu Phase One zu wechseln.
    Insbesondere, ich nutze das dng-Format, das wird in den 10 Argumenten nicht erwähnt.

    Johannes Elkjær Madsen

    Hvorfor er der ingen – som i slet ingen – omtale af hvor avanceret en print-løsning der er integreret i Capture One ?? Specielt i de sammenhænge hvor der direkte sammenlignes med Lightroom der er udstyret med en fin løsning på dette problem.
    Venlig hilsen Johannes Elkjær Madsen

    David Ross

    I would purchase Capture One in a heartbeat IF it supported large catalogues like Lightroom does. I’m a travel photographer and I maintain a collection of over 300,000 raw images. Lightroom lets me easily manage and search the catalogue without any issues, but as far as I can tell Capture One balks at anything over 35,000 or so. Sadly, that makes it a non-starter for me, though I love how it can edit individual images.

    David Thornton

    Tried to download Capture one pro, but no joy, says my iMac isn’t compatible!!

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